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~Pepper~ adds flavor!

Today’s look was inspired by none other then the Andavi belted skirt by ~Pepper~. Can I just say how much I freaking love Pepper?  I’m not usually into belts because my body , if you have not noticed yet, is pretty bootylicious.  It’s hard to find a nice belt that doesn’t disappear into my butt or make me look as if I have a hula hoop around my middle.

Andavi is one of the only belts I have found ( and that’s a short list) that actually fits beautifully in the celebration of curves!

Thank you Danni ❤ whether you knew it or not.  The skirts relaxed ruffles and belted waist is very forgiving when it comes to the derriere.

I felt a little splash of color would go nicely with the flirtatious skirt.  VMC has a nice selection of clothing at an incredibly cheap price.  This top is actually a dress, which is part of a outfit simply labeled VMC-Outfit 50.   I think I paid 10L for it.

I am wearing facial piercings also by Pepper. gauges have become a very popular look in facial piercings as of late.  They are no longer just for your ears, I can dig it.

My shoes are from Ducknipple called Shoebidos. They come in a pack of different colors.I’m wearing them in pink.  These shoes are like  a boot, tennis shoe and high heel all in one!

Necklace by Pepper and cuff bracelet by Mandala are all the accessory needed.

Time to spend some money!

❤ Amai Nay

Top:  ::VMC::  Outfit 50 – HotPink

Skirt:  ~Pepper~ Andavi Skirt – BLACK

Shoes: Shoebido – 6*Pack :. High heel sneakers

Necklace : ~Pepper~ Multi Necklace

Piercings: ~Pepper~ Piercing Chin Plug / ~Pepper~ Piercing Plugs and Swirl

Hair:  !lamb. Bitter – Honeycomb

Skin:  :: Exodi :: Sylvan Cachet – 17 (Lt)

Lashes:  Miamai_XGen Lashes_Lust

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