New Indrya, Dura and Jesylilo!

December 20, 2011 Leave a comment

I love the  skins based on Oleg from Jesylilo.  It’s really unique and creepy in a cool kind of way.  Lilo gave many different options of makeup with these skins and they all are worth checking out. Dura released a new girls hair that is so cute! I love  full bangs and the way the hair is curled under. It really has a doll-like feel too it.

Another release I am so happy with are the n-core poison heels. I mean really,  they really know how to make heels at n-core. Each release from them I fall in love with. As always i encourage you to get the fatpack so you can mix and match different color combinations.

The dresses from Indrya are lovely. I like the period pieces she tends to recreate and this one happens to be one of my favs. I only wish the skirt was mesh and not flexi so I could pose better in it. Other than that ❤


❤ Amai



Hair-*Dura-Girl*30 FAT NEW
Dress-Indyra Originals: Jessamine: Rouge NEW
Shoes-N-core POISON “Fatpack” 18 colors NEW
Skin w/ eyes-*JeSyLiLO*:::OlegDou:::*GoStTon*J1 NEW
Bracelet-*League* Wanderer Jewellery Set -Black

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New Dura, Filthy & Halicali

November 21, 2011 Leave a comment

❤ Amai


Hair- Dura-Girl28 FAT- NEW

SKin- :F: Laika Review -NEW

Jacket-  Halcali:::Short Jacket[black] NEW

Shirt- – Nemesis – Fly bustier zebra

Pants- Izzie’s – Business Pants – black

Belt- ~Pepper~ Andavi Belt – Black

Shoes-[e] Secret Boots  – Black

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N-Core , Gawk & Deetalez

November 12, 2011 Leave a comment

It’s raining here in California, the pass few days have been pretty cold and crappy so I put together an outfit to bring a little sunshine into my world.

N-core just released Jolie, the fun and flirty heels in polka dot. They are adorable and I just had to show them off in a post. N-core has been a favorite shoe store of mine for a few years and they never disappoint! They come in a variety of different dots so make sure you pick up the fatpack 🙂

Gawk put out cute polka dot tops a few weeks back called Darling shirts and they really are.  I have probably worn half the  color variation of these in world! Today I’m wearing the black polka-dotted shirt to match my shoes.

Tasty butt jeans from Deetalez and my world is looking a little brighter and a lot more fun 🙂

❤ Amaiah




Hair/w hat: Dura-Boys&Girls 17 Dark 6color Fat

Top:Gawk! Black Polka-Dotted Darling Shirt

Jeans: DeeTaleZ Pants tasty Butt Jeans black

Shoes: N-core JOLIE “Fatpack” 10 colors

Skin: Laq- Olivia

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Pygmys, N-core, Mesh Oh My!!

August 25, 2011 1 comment

SO many amazing things have happened this week, so let’s get right into it.


Everyone who knows me well enough knows that I am a harry potter fan. All things harry pottery is right up my alley.  Anya has made thee most ADORABLE pygmy puffs I have set my eyes on. I love them so much they are like a permanent fixture on my shoulders or anywhere else I can attached them to respectfully!  These lil guys are better than Pokemon , but I still must have them all!  I am the proud owner of  the colors Celeste, mink , ash , pumpkin, chocolate frog, candy, magenta and luxe.

The sculpted faces on these babies are beautifully done, i mean I may just say perfection. The texture and vibrance of the colors are amazing and they stick out their lil pink tongues every so often which is freaking adorable!


N-core has released the much-anticipated Etoile wedges! AHHH!! * runs around like the lil plurk emote* I am in LOVE with these wedges. They are my absolute favorite so far from any pair of wedges I currently own. The attention to detail, the construction of the sculpt, the colors, the options, the toes, the preset skins that make it easy for me to match my skin with…*breathes* I can’t say enough about these so I won’t try. Just go try them on , I promise you , you will fall in love with them too. The floral patterns are a necessity too.. just saying.

And last , but certainly not least…MESH has hit the grid!!

The first place I went was Jane’s. I have always loved the prices at Jane and with the addition of mesh to her line, I still love the prices. I had to greedy pack everything I wanted.  Today I am wearing the Maxi skirt in black by Jane. I love the fit on these. It comes in two sizes, small and large. I have a pretty round butt there and skirts have not always been kind to it. These skirts are my butt’s best friend!

❤  Amaiah Nayar


Hair- >TRUTH< Becky – mocha

Skin- LAQ ~ Olivia 5-pack [Peach]

Shirt- *League* Seashell Blouse -Old Lavender

Skirt- JANE – maxi skirt.meena in Black

Shoes-N-core ETOILE “Fatpack” 18 colors

Pygmy puffs- Ohmai Emporium: Pygmy Puff (Ash) & (Candy)

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I’m Back!

August 19, 2011 Leave a comment

Ok seriously this time… >.> I know it has been a while. I am slowing down with my breedables and with work starting again (so long summer vacation) I probably will be getting back into the swing of blogging as well.  There has been so many new releases that I have missed out blogging. I am so going shopping this weekend.

Today I decided to put together a few of my fav new items into one outfit. I actually like this outfit…and have been seen around the grid with it on. No shame in my game.

Gawk has released sporty bodysuits in some pretty and playful colors. They have also released leggings and socks to go with them.  I am wearing the sporty bodysuit with pink sporty leggings.

Pass FLF shoes by Miel? Yes thank you! I love these strappy Varsity Tennis shoes. They are highly customizable. You can change the color of the shoe, straps and letters on the tennis as well as change initials.  Of course I changed mine to A.N.  If no one else does, at least you can cheer for yourself 😛

The new skin from Glam Affair Jadis is beautiful.  I am wearing it in this post and will be wearing it in future posts I am sure. I love all the dramatic makeups and the clean version too. These skins come with blonde or brown eyebrows with matching hairbases. You can also where them without hair base.  The skin is smooth and I like the shading on it. My breasts look great, just sayin’.

Also Elikatira joined FLF  this week and brought us all Show at a very low price of 50L for an essential pack . I love Elikatira hair and I don’t care if its 250 or 50l …I will buy it!! Lucky though, to get such a beautiful bun hairstyle for that price. If your reading this on 8/19 .. its not too late!

Make sure you visit these stores and pick up their new items today!

❤ Amaiah


Hair-[e] Show – Essentials Collection

Skin–Glam Affair – JadisV2 Natural Fatpack

Eyes: Aphotic Gloom – Clarus Eyes (Apple)

Bodysuit- Gawk! Grey Sports Body

Leggings-Gawk! Grey & Rose Sports Leggings


Clothing rack-GLITTERATI – The Rack

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Hogwarts: Your Story

August 8, 2011 Leave a comment

I am sure it has been blogged many times in the past few days , and yet I am compelled to blog about it as well. My excitement grows as the days count down to when Hogwarts:Your Story Sim opens. I have two outfits ready for my Gryffindor character already!

Today I decided to share one outfit with you I have put together for my Hogwarts Character, Mai Gordale.  There are so many talented designers out there who have in the past or even recently started to make clothing that caters to the Harry Potter fans in SL. This will be my first time RPing Harry Potter in SL , but from the sneak peaks of H:YS sim and their amazing builds and my fellow Flickr’ers pictures and excitement as well; something tells me this will be a ride worth taking!

Check out the Flickr Page for H:YS here!



Amaiah Nayar


Hair- Maitreya Jaiden – Browns Pack
Skin-LAQ ~ Olivia 5-pack [Peach]
Jacket-=IZUMIYA=Spring Cardigan Set/Black
Shirt-Schadenfreude White Oxford Shirt
Skirt-{mon tissu} Highland Skirt ~ Black
Tie-Schadenfreude You-Know-Who Necktie Pack
Socks-*League* Gartered Socks -Black
Shoes-fri. – Basic Flats (Black)

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X-Ray baby!

X-ray recently put out a sexy pair of high waist pants named ShALwArs. Oh my word…I love these. I love the way they fit , i love the detailing on the high waist belt and the ballooned casual elegance of the trouser.  When I put this outfit together, I knew my focal point would be on the pants. When my BF stops what he is doing to tell me “wow babe” I knew these pants were a hit 😛 They do showcase my bottom very well too *winks* I paired it with a structured Bolero from ISON. Of course I had to slip my feet into the oh so sexy N-Core Femme heels and strut my stuff.

❤ Amaiah Nayar


Hair-Magika // Roots Edition // Andarial
Skin-LAQ ~ Olivia 5-pack [Peach]
Top-ISON – structured bolero (black)
Pants-[X-RaY] – BLaCk  ShALwArs
Shoe-N-core Femme

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