So I pulled myself away from the wonderful world of meeroos to bring you a blog post on the new N-Core release. OMG.. so … let me tell you how much and why I love the new pumps from N-core and why. I love them thiiiiiiiisssssssss much. Ok , now for the why. Femme is the perfect title for these pumps. The super sleek , dangerously pointed toe heel is the perfect height to be sexy without your av finding it hard to walk from point a to point b. They have ankle strap options that are <3.  Also you have the option of not wearing ankle straps at all. They also have visible stitching on the shoe that gives it a more realistic feel. I love the colors!! I love the options to change different parts of the heel , strap as well as the body of the shoe itself. I love the way the light is baked in the right places on the shoe to draw my eye to them. You will see me in these heels a lot more in the next blog post or two I am sure!

I felt like a pretty and prim doll in these shoes so I wore them with this super cute dress from LaViere. What’s even better is it was 75L or less for Lazy Sunday. The puff skirt with the slim waist belt  is just darling.

❤ Amaiah Nayar


Skin-LAQ ~ Olivia [Peach] 04

Hair-[ 69 ] JESSICA 02 – Light Mocha

Shoes-N-core FEMME “Fatpack”

Dress-LaViere- Tulip Dress ( Peach ) Lazy

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Where my girls at?

I apologize for not posting for a few days! I have been soooo busy with meeroos >.> I know I know

Look of the Day!

❤ Amaiah


Hair-:esk-imo: Hair – Natasha I  – Darks
SKin-LAQ ~ Olivia 5-pack [Peach]

Shirt-tb- Used Raglan
Skirt-[SG*] Tik Tak – Cream

Necklaces & Earrings-Chain RR Long Platinum  -RYCA-
Nails-[MANDALA]Option short Nails set/Basic skin nails

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That beautiful skin you’re in.

Two wonderful skins have been released recently and I just had to take time out to feature both in a blog post.

I am a bit of a skin fanatic, I love to run around and find new skin to beautify my avatar with.  Laq has been one of the leading skin makers in my opinion and it is easy to see why. I mean their skins are pretty much just perfection. From shading , to tones to makeups. Well Laq has tried something new and has priced them at an AMAZING price. For less than 1k you can get 5 skins with five different lips. Eyeshadows can be bought separately. In a time where Tattoo eye makeup for the most part is running the cosmetic  world in SL.. this was a smart move. Laq has always made beautiful, vibrantly colored eyeshadows. I remember wishing I could slap the same eyeshadows on other skins as well..maybe my wish has come true.

The second skin release comes from Jesilyo. She has really capture my heart with Mona. I don’t know what it is about the lips that just makes me happy faced. I like the natural look of them. It’s a different type of lip from ones I see used mostly. If you are a fan of full lips as I am (pucker up) you should try this skin! Those lips were made for it. I also love the liner on this skin. I like to wear my liner like this in rl. Let’s not forget those sexy hip bones on this skin. I really love skins that have this detail.

So what are you waiting for. These two skins are definitely worth the TP! I will add the links below, so no excuses ladies!

❤ Amaiah

First pic-

Skin- LAQ ~ Olivia 5-pack [Peach]


Lingerie-*L.inc* Cutieh Undie Lace


Second Pic-

Skin-*JeSyLiLO*:::Mona:::*Fatpack Skin For Bloggers and Friends!

Hair-[ 69 ] CASS 01 – Sandy Blonde Collection/[e] Breathe – Essentials Collection

Lingerie-*L.inc* Cutieh Undie Lace

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Hair Fair Round 3 & Indyra Originals NEW bikinis

*Flexes fingers and wrist*

Boy oh boy , I wish there weren’t so many noteworthy hairstyles at hair fair this year lol. I don’t know if my poor fingers can take anymore 😛

So I am back with round 3 of hair fair hairs I picked up.  (Hair shopping is so much fun when it’s all there in the same areas!)

[LeLutka]-KNOTTED hair/Dark Brunette

Bathing suit-Indyra Originals: Airedale Swimsuit: Cadet Blue (NEW)

Skin-*LaVie* Asia Set I.a Bronze(NEW)

Hair-Clawtooth: Take it Easy (Captivating Brunettes Pack)

Bathing suit- Indyra Originals: Airedale Swimsuit: HoneySuckle (NEW)

Skin-*LaVie* Jolie Set I.a Light

Hair-MINA Hair – Kezia – Dark Browns

Bathing suit- Indrya Originals-Tropic’s Wild String-kini : Blue Lagoon(NEW)

Newly released Bathing suits  by Indrya Originals are so cute and colorful. They are for the party girl , the kind of girl who wants to make a statement.  The girl who loves lots of color…I am digging these ❤

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Magika At Hair Fair! (round 2)

This is why I love Magika!

Magika // Roots Edition // Luna


Magika // Roots Edition // Andarial


My word Sabina knows how to make some beautiful hair.  These two hairdos are one of my favorite purchases this year at Hair Fair.  No one does Blondes like Magika so if you are a blonde or just play one on SL 😛 RUN  I repeat RUN to Magika at hair fair 2011 and her main store as well. You will love the tones.  Her Brunettes, reds and color hair are beautiful too. I like the richness of the colors in her packs.

She also has the best pricing on fatpacks. 499L a fatpack 199L a color pack and 249L Roots packs. Show me anyone else who does that? Yes , I am a fan and rightfully deserved!

With all the roots additions being added to different hair designer’s hair lately, Sabina really does a great job with just enough root. The coloring for the roots are exactly how I like them.

So if you aren’t kicking up dust right now to rush to Hair Fair 2011. Do so right now!!


❤ Amai


Stay Tuned for more Hair Fair Goodness


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Hair Fair Round 1!!!

Omg , So I went crazy at Hair Fair 2011 :O

There were some very nice hairstyles this year , I couldn’t get them all at once.  Which is ok because Hair Fair 2011 will be running until July 15th. Hair Fair doors will open at midnight 7/2/2011 and resides on 4 sims! My goodness that’s a lot of hair!!

For now I will share with you the hairdos I bought this year so far.  This blog post will probably be in parts so stay tuned for more hairdos to come!

Hair-* RezIpsa Loc * ~ Ellen ~ Any Time Pack




.ILLUSORY. Hair_Kimmi – Browns



esk-imo: Hair – Natasha I  – Darks


Stay Tuned for part 2


Extra Credits-

Skin- * LaVie * Jolie – Bare -light  (NEW)

Eyes- :Filthy Skins: Douceur eyes (NEW)

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I’m sure you all know about Hair Fair but if you did not know the date, Hair fair officially opens on July 2nd! Join the in-world Hair Fair demo group to get your demos early!

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