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New Indrya, Dura and Jesylilo!

I love the  skins based on Oleg from Jesylilo.  It’s really unique and creepy in a cool kind of way.  Lilo gave many different options of makeup with these skins and they all are worth checking out. Dura released a new girls hair that is so cute! I love  full bangs and the way the hair is curled under. It really has a doll-like feel too it.

Another release I am so happy with are the n-core poison heels. I mean really,  they really know how to make heels at n-core. Each release from them I fall in love with. As always i encourage you to get the fatpack so you can mix and match different color combinations.

The dresses from Indrya are lovely. I like the period pieces she tends to recreate and this one happens to be one of my favs. I only wish the skirt was mesh and not flexi so I could pose better in it. Other than that ❤


❤ Amai



Hair-*Dura-Girl*30 FAT NEW
Dress-Indyra Originals: Jessamine: Rouge NEW
Shoes-N-core POISON “Fatpack” 18 colors NEW
Skin w/ eyes-*JeSyLiLO*:::OlegDou:::*GoStTon*J1 NEW
Bracelet-*League* Wanderer Jewellery Set -Black

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