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N-Core , Gawk & Deetalez

It’s raining here in California, the pass few days have been pretty cold and crappy so I put together an outfit to bring a little sunshine into my world.

N-core just released Jolie, the fun and flirty heels in polka dot. They are adorable and I just had to show them off in a post. N-core has been a favorite shoe store of mine for a few years and they never disappoint! They come in a variety of different dots so make sure you pick up the fatpack 🙂

Gawk put out cute polka dot tops a few weeks back called Darling shirts and they really are.  I have probably worn half the  color variation of these in world! Today I’m wearing the black polka-dotted shirt to match my shoes.

Tasty butt jeans from Deetalez and my world is looking a little brighter and a lot more fun 🙂

❤ Amaiah




Hair/w hat: Dura-Boys&Girls 17 Dark 6color Fat

Top:Gawk! Black Polka-Dotted Darling Shirt

Jeans: DeeTaleZ Pants tasty Butt Jeans black

Shoes: N-core JOLIE “Fatpack” 10 colors

Skin: Laq- Olivia

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