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So I pulled myself away from the wonderful world of meeroos to bring you a blog post on the new N-Core release. OMG.. so … let me tell you how much and why I love the new pumps from N-core and why. I love them thiiiiiiiisssssssss much. Ok , now for the why. Femme is the perfect title for these pumps. The super sleek , dangerously pointed toe heel is the perfect height to be sexy without your av finding it hard to walk from point a to point b. They have ankle strap options that are <3.  Also you have the option of not wearing ankle straps at all. They also have visible stitching on the shoe that gives it a more realistic feel. I love the colors!! I love the options to change different parts of the heel , strap as well as the body of the shoe itself. I love the way the light is baked in the right places on the shoe to draw my eye to them. You will see me in these heels a lot more in the next blog post or two I am sure!

I felt like a pretty and prim doll in these shoes so I wore them with this super cute dress from LaViere. What’s even better is it was 75L or less for Lazy Sunday. The puff skirt with the slim waist belt  is just darling.

❤ Amaiah Nayar


Skin-LAQ ~ Olivia [Peach] 04

Hair-[ 69 ] JESSICA 02 – Light Mocha

Shoes-N-core FEMME “Fatpack”

Dress-LaViere- Tulip Dress ( Peach ) Lazy

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