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Magika At Hair Fair! (round 2)

This is why I love Magika!

Magika // Roots Edition // Luna


Magika // Roots Edition // Andarial


My word Sabina knows how to make some beautiful hair.  These two hairdos are one of my favorite purchases this year at Hair Fair.  No one does Blondes like Magika so if you are a blonde or just play one on SL 😛 RUN  I repeat RUN to Magika at hair fair 2011 and her main store as well. You will love the tones.  Her Brunettes, reds and color hair are beautiful too. I like the richness of the colors in her packs.

She also has the best pricing on fatpacks. 499L a fatpack 199L a color pack and 249L Roots packs. Show me anyone else who does that? Yes , I am a fan and rightfully deserved!

With all the roots additions being added to different hair designer’s hair lately, Sabina really does a great job with just enough root. The coloring for the roots are exactly how I like them.

So if you aren’t kicking up dust right now to rush to Hair Fair 2011. Do so right now!!


❤ Amai


Stay Tuned for more Hair Fair Goodness


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