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My Prince Charming

Hi everyone!!

Today is a special day because I get to introduce you all to my new boyfriend…Prince Charming. We are very much in love and he treats me like a princess!

*laughs* In all seriousness now, mr. toad is very cute isn’t he? I picked him up at one of the weekend deals that passed. I love [Lauria} and always stop by to see which new poses she has put out for the week. My new boyfriend is from a series called Prince Charmant 3. These poses are based on princess and the frog, which happens to be one of my favorite Disney movies.

In a recent plurk I responded to , we were talking about an artist who remade all the Disney princesses into sexier cartoons. ( Traumatic) but then I saw another artist who made all the princesses into twisted versions. I really liked what I saw and had the idea to kind of funky up a look with a theme from one of the movies.

Rocking out in my second skin leather leggings from Ison and a cute top I got from the SGB event for free, I paired it with the really cute hair I bought from Wasabi Pills recently. The ultra long and sexy bright-colored nails from Mstyle  matched one of the many beautiful lipsticks available with my Elly skin. I just had to wear both! It picked up the blues in my shirt well.

I may not be a Disney princess but I felt like a rocking princess all the same!

❤ Amai

Hair-/Wasabi Pills/ Yumi Hair – Hair Band – Chocolate
Skin-[PF] Elly – Gunmetal/Meow
Lipstick-[PF] Elly Pop Lipstick (Electron)
Shirt-A.M.K.R BORO-Tee
Pants-ISON – leather leggings (black)
Belt-~Pepper~ Andavi Belt- BLACK
Boots-R2 “Pauole “Black
Tattoo-* GrungeInk – Beware! Ladies Sleeve Tattoo
Nails-Mstyle Long Nails v2 – Matte Pack 2

Frog-[Lauria] Le Prince Charmant 3

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