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Easy Breezy California Girl

It’s a bit breezy in California the past two days, but the sun is still a shining so I should be happy right? Though I didn’t need a coat, long sleeves were indeed needed. I put this outfit together because I wore something similar to it when I went grocery shopping yesterday 🙂

Can I just say how much I love this sweater from Tres Blah? Ok , I will. I love it! The off-shoulder loose fit is so me! I’m wearing it in slate blue from a past FlF. I love FLF because it gives you a chance to try on things from different stores for a low price of 50L. If you like it, then you just keep buying more just like it! Oh FlF is like a drug dealer I tell you. Get you hooked 😛

Filthy Skins is more then just skins. Alexandra makes clothing and shoes. She just released these super cute boots. I was so excited when I got to see them on my feet. I really like the relaxed look of the ankle area and the belted straps wrapped around the shoe and heel.

The zipper detail up the back of the boot is a nice addition and adds to the realism of the shoe. These boots come in shades that are easy to match with any outfit. I am wearing them in Charcoal.

❤ Amai


Hair-[e] Play – Essentials Collection
Skin-the body co. chocolata skintone (golden ebony)

Top--tb– Rad Sweatshirt – Slate
Pants-Beetle Bones* Group Gift (Cotonier skinny jeans)
Shoes-F: Adore – AnkleBoots – Charcoal (NEW)
Necklace-*League* Wanderer -Oak- Necklace -3 Discs
Glasses-Alphavillain 3 – Sinner-Man Sunglasses (Orange Lens) (GATCHA MACHINE!!)
Purse-!KKBB!! Deidre Shoulder Tote – Wicker

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