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Walk on the wild side!

Summertime is fast approaching, OMG summer time is here in California. This week has been hotter then any other time this year. Even still … there was a nice breeze. So I’m enjoying my week and then something comes along to make it that much better.

N-core has released FULL prim bikinis! Those who like to derender…BEHAVE! These are the first prim bikinis I have seen in world. I may just be a hermit and have never seen others. Let me just say this, These are made BEAUTIFULLY. Nuri sure knows how to torture some sculpts!  She released them in animal print too! *rawr*

I feel very sleek and cat-like prancing about in my bikini. (poor meeroos) The HUD that comes with the bikini is awesomesauce. It’s really easy to use and helps you fit your bikini perfectly. My hat (or top) off to N-core for this release. I may need to wear pasties for those who don’t rezz quickly enough 🙂

❤ Amai


Hair- Milana-Lynn

Skin- League– Sia Sunkiss

Bikini- N-core *Nature Sculpted Bikini*  Leopard-Brown(NEW)

Shoes- Mstyle– Rivea Pumps

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