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A&M & Slink

Acid & Mala happens to be one of those stores I go back to year after year simply because they make really relaxed casual clothing. We can’t always look like fashion models can we?

So I picked up these cute jeans and dress from A&M recently. I like to wear dresses as tops in rl sometimes so I did that with this dress in sl today.

Slink has released some of the cutest sandals I’ve seen this year <3. Every time I look at my feet I think ” damn these sandals look cute. I see myself wearing them again soon in a edgier way as well. Today I decided to wear them with my jeans tucked in.

I really like the fact that these sandals are like having two in one. You get the black leather option as well as brown leather. The toes are so cute..as usual, I actually like the way the last two toes curve inward, makes them have a more realistic feel to them. ( though my toes don’t do that in RL šŸ˜› ) Slink has a new look to their HUD. I like it!

Happy Shopping!



Hair-* RezIpsa Loc * ~ Frances, 2 colors (Lazy Sunday)(old)
Top-.:A&M:. Smocked Dress -ZP color
Pants-.:A&M:. I ā¤ my jeans – Unisex – Dark Blue
Shoes-Slink Cassia Sandals Black
Jewelry- MIEL TOR SET – 50L Fridays(old)

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