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L. Fauna!

Ohhhh how I love sneak peeks of new skins coming out. L. Fauna was so sweet to let us blog her new skins! I must say I had a ball working with this beauty in Photoshop. I even made a new shape just for this skin. It’s refreshing to see a skin that is not overly done with makeup and eyeshadow and all that other mucky muck. I  personally like softly made up skins or skins with no makeup at all. It allows me to make my own makeup choices with all the tattoo add-ons around…( best thing to happen to SL)

So lets talk about all the things I like about this skin. One being the makeup is on separate layers. If you have been to L Fauna you know she makes some of the best lipstick tattoos and eyeshadow tattoos as well . I love to go just to shop for makeup sometimes.

Two, It has freckles!!! Not just on the face but on the body too ❤ . Most people know I am obsessed with freckle skins.

Three, The eyebrows are a nicely sculpted and thicker then most skins around. Which for me is awesome! I love thicker brows and these can easily be shaped to be thinner.

Four, the body shading is soft and the skins really has a soft womanly look to it. no six-pack here, I like it! Looks good with my curves and makes me want to touch myself to see how soft my skin is. ( mind out of the gutter people! :P)

There’s even cleavage(cup sizes) to choose from. The skin tones are Pale, Tan and Dark and there are tattoo makeup layers to go with this skin as well. So get ready to get dolled up!

Make sure to pick up  some of these skins when they come out. They are really lovely and Photoshop loves them too!

❤ Amai


Skin-L.Fauna Skins {Lea T2} (Frckl . B Cup) – Coming Soon!

Hair-[e] Play – Essentials Collection

Bra & Panty *BOOM* I Promise (white and doll pink)

Socks-Kyoot – Lacey White Knee Socks (love these socks!)

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