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That girl is Poison!

So, I was talking to one of my best friends yesterday, Bellsie.  We tend to have some really in depth conversation all about music, love, the drama of SL…yada yada  and of course SHOPPING!    Today’s topic of shopping (which is roughly 68%  of our time in SL ) happened to begin with jackets. Which then  jogged my memory of the awesome bike jackets I own from POISON.  So what did I do? Of course I went searching through my usual controlled chaos I call a inventory and put one on.


I absolutely love these jackets. The detail of creased leather and the shading work brings a realism to wrap my avatar in.  I wanted to keep it simple and comfortable so I paired it with a sleek pair of skinny jeans from GLUE INK and loose tank from LINC.

While out (what else but..) shopping a few days ago…I came across what is quickly becoming a fav pair of boots by Ducknipple. They come in a pack of four colors and the price makes me love them more!

What do I love most other then shoes? HAIR!  I’m pretty addicted to this hair by Milana named Lynn.
It fits my face in all my skins and it never disappoints. This may just be my favorite hair I own. If you haven’t been to Milana, it’s a must that you go….like now 😛


❤ Amaiah


Will add links to stores when I get home!


Skin- Sia -League

Shape-  my own

Hair- Lynn-Milana

Jacket-Motor Bike Jacket- Poison

Shirt L00se Tank-Linc

Pants Skinny jeans-Glue Ink

Belt- black belt from business pant-Izzie’s

Shoes- Stuckers-grunge – Ducknipple


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